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Thank you for visiting my website. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jessica Jones and I'm a writer.


I write fiction, I think most people would describe my writing as “chick lit” I don’t mind it being described as that. 


I'm a normal mum who used to read to escape the daily life of washing, cleaning and the never-ending job “what’s for dinner tonight?"


Then one day I got inspired to write a story, to start with it was just a short story. Then it grew into a bigger story and then before I knew it… it was an actual book. 


I’m not represented, I publish my own material online. 


When I’m not writing you will find me looking after my gorgeous family and dog, trying to ignore then never-ending washing pile that I can see ever so slightly out the corner of my eye. 


Maybe, just maybe one day I will get on top of it?!


Jess xx